Untitled 1 (2018)

Interactive sound installation

Electric paint, hanji - traditional Korean paper,Sensors, copper, electric wires, speakers

By connecting the electric paint, a water-based paint that conducts electricity, to two small computers, the shapes become sensors, sensitive to touch and distance. The proximity of the viewer’s hand, as it moves over the shapes, interactively triggers the sounds that Hwan has composed for the installation.

Hwan always endeavours to incorporate new technologies in his work. For this exhibition, in addition to Arduino and Raspberry Pi, he has used a 3D pen and electric paint.

While observing the Icelandic landscape, Hwan found a rune-like shape everywhere, from the roofs of the houses, to the slopes of the mountains beyond.

With his innovative use of technology, Hwan has turned these shapes, painted on paper, into an interactive sound installation.

Hwan's intuition started with a desire to bring the calmness of Icelandic nature into the exhibition space. He has been inspired by the vast and minimal appearance of the Icelandic landscape to create a dark and mysterious soundscape during his residency at Listhus, in October 2017.

Initially, Hwan thought to work with sounds recorded directly in the landscape. But, as his thoughts developed, he began to imagine instead a secret life hidden from the October weather, where by touch one can hear the sounds that the mountains and rocks use privately to communicate with each other.

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