Inspiration from Iceland:

An Artistic Journey

The nature of Iceland has opened a new dimension in my art. The endlessly sprawling, moss-covered volcanic terrains and the nearly treeless ridges gave a feeling akin to entering another world. Even in absolute silence, the grandeur of this landscape revealed its intense presence. This environment made me listen to my inner voice and provided the opportunity to explore the deep connection between nature and art.

My works, 'Intuition Untitled I' and 'Intuition Untitled II,' originated from these experiences. I aimed to harmoniously express the tranquility and intensity I felt from Iceland's nature. These pieces capture the primitive and rugged beauty of nature, making the viewer feel a deep connection with it. The beauty of Iceland has become a precious source of inspiration that will forever remain in my work. This amazing journey has given me new perspectives and inspiration, and has been a valuable experience for my growth as an artist.